Sunday, April 19, 2009


The dilemma on the suffering inflicted via torture versus the suffering inflicted as a result of war killings...

When the Central Intelligence Agency obliterates a dozen suspected terrorists, along with assorted family members, with a missile from a drone, the news rarely stirs a strong reaction far beyond Pakistan. Yet the waterboarding of three operatives from Al Qaeda — one of them the admitted murderer of 3,000 people as organizer of the 9/11 attacks — has stirred years of recriminations, calls for prosecution and national soul-searching.
Photo from the works of Lisa Ross at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery titled 'Unrevealed'. From the press release:  Lisa Ross’s work concerns itself mainly with memory, temporality and the visual expression of faith. It is on the embodiment of the secular and the sacred that this work relies; a reconceptualization of the corporeal and its interdependence with time and place. Picture above shows 'Black Garden (crib with door)', 2002 - 2008, oil pigment on rag paper.

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