Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thus Spake Sarahthustra - IV

The pitbull's punditry gets better as we go on. Continuing the series that started here... Gov Sarah Palin, seems to be a gift that keeps on giving (especially to purveyors of linguistic gymnastics). She is in her element here in a couple of performances over the past week.

On her plans to get to run for the 2012 presidency.

"I'm like, O.K., God, if there is an open door for me somewhere - this is what I always pray - don't let me miss the open door, show me where the open door is, even if it's cracked open a little bit, maybe I'll plow right on through that and maybe prematurely plow through it."

Recently the media was agog over the fact that she considered that the continent of Africa was one country. Here she is correcting her record:

"My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska's investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars."

Whatever Gov. Palin says about Africa, she still cannot beat what the current President had to say about that great continent...
"We spent a lot of time talking about Africa, as we should. Africa is a nation that suffers from incredible disease." —Gothenburg, Sweden, June 14, 2001

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