Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sign of the times

I read this quote today from a young lady from Colorado who quit her job voluntarily to nurse her husband full time. The situation is sad but commendable. It turns out that the husband was an Iraq war veteran who was shot in battle and is now rendered a quadriplegic.
"I am here and I take wonderful care of Matt and I enjoy it, but he would be institutionalized without me. He is my full-time job now. I just feel like I should be compensated for that. They should value what I do."
From when did spouses who take voluntary decisions to look after their families have to be compensated by the Federal government for the work done?

Of course, one might say that my statements are not in good taste considering that her spouse gave up his freedoms for our country and is entitled to adequate compensation. I might have gone with a ‘not in good taste’ mode until I found that the family in question already has access to the following amenities:
  • This war veteran gets a full disability pension of $6,800 a month.
  • This family was given a well landscaped split level home with two car garages - donated to them free of cost.
  • The family also has the ability to hire a person of ones choice to look after the affairs at home - a service that is paid for by the government in cases such as these.
At this rate, we need to start keeping tabs and asking the Feds compensation for looking after our children. That is also a full time job over and above ones regular job. Maybe we are all getting too caught up in the free money for everyone bailout scheme in vogue. Of course in the endgame, going to Iraq in the first place was the biggest mistake.

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