Friday, October 03, 2008

On yesterday's debate - II

After reading my previous post on the debate last night, a reader wrote this in... I could not have said it better...

Since when is it the American standard for our top leaders to be like us? Shouldn’t they be exceptional? Why can’t we demand people who can answer the questions they’re asked articulately, people who live by the rules they impose on others and lead by example? Why do we want someone who could have a cup of coffee with us at a soccer game?

I just find it entirely frightening that Palin could be president, and doesn’t know anything about the country, our issues, international relations, or even thinking on her feet. And I remain resentful of the notion that because I voted for Clinton in the primaries, I’d vote for Palin now, regardless of an entirely opposite worldview.

So – I feel pretty strongly about her, if you couldn’t tell. I thought Biden did well, but definitely had to pull some punches or he’d be seen as patronizing. I would have liked for him to have torn her apart, but that would’ve been politically disastrous.

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