Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wish list

Heard that they are having hearings on bailouts and free handouts over in DC. While the lawmakers are at it, can they throw in a couple of trillions for the following wish list?
  • Nationalized healthcare for all residents with options for foreigners to avail of healthcare benefits for a nominal fee.
  • Free food and clothing for all US residents with drop box provided at street corners to discard leftover clothing and food.
  • Free checking accounts with a guaranteed minimum of $100 at all times for all residents.
  • Nationalize the airways with maximum ticket prices not to exceed $100 (with plans for extension of the $100 ceiling to international routes).
  • Guaranteed free education, housing, healthcare and any other benefits one can think of for residents under 15 and guaranteed social security benefits for all residents above the age of 15.
  • Citizenship for just about anybody who steps foot into the country (even if the individual is in transit). Of course, immediate retroactive citizenships for just about any illegal alien at this point in time is indisputable.
  • Authorize and bear costs of building custom designed homes to house just about anybody who feels like they are not satisfied with the one they have already.
  • All mortgage down payments capped at 1% of the total value of the house with the remaining payments paid monthly by the home-owners future grandchildren.
  • Mandatory one month ‘all expenses paid for’ vacation at a location of the individual’s choice for all US residents above the age of 30.
Some more ideas are in the works, but as soon as they get started with the list above, we could add more…

Olivier Blanckart, 'MoMA Don't Preach', 2008, adhesive tapes, cardboard, kraft paper, trampoline, ink jet print, Life sized. From a recent visit to P.P.O.W Gallery (exhibition runs from Sept 4 to Oct 4, 08')

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Sindhu Gangadharan said...

Wow Petz that is some wishful thinking...i am already thinking about some more fancy stuff to add to your list :-)