Thursday, September 11, 2008

As we rouge pig lips...

Just this morning on the train to work, I read…

- 156 year old Lehman Brothers is fighting for its life on Wall Street – fallout from the ‘markets know best’ culture that spawned the sub-prime mortgage fiasco

- One of the poorest nations, Haiti (whose citizens use clay mud cakes to soften their hunger pangs) has been battered beyond belief by Hurricane Ike – fallout from global climate change

- Special Operations forces are now unilaterally striking targets in Pakistan without much regard to what the government of that country thinks or says – fallout from the so called ‘war on terror’.

- Oil companies in Texas bedded with an Interior Department agency that collects taxes on oil drilling using sex and drugs as carrots. Investigators called it a ‘culture of ethical failure’ – fallout from the ‘drill, baby drill’ chant popularized by you know who

- Venezuela’s president plans to pilot Soviet made TU-160 ‘Blackjack’ bombers in a show of joint military force with the Russians just south east of our coastal borders – fallout from an ill conceived backing of the Georgian war

- The worlds most isolated and unpredictable regime’s ‘Dear Leader’, Mr. Kim Jong-il suffered a stroke – raising fears of an ugly succession battle in a country armed with nuclear missiles – fallout from the world deciding to isolate the regime as rogue and classifying it as ‘axis of evil’.

And here we are – debating pigs and lipstick… My take is that the only good thing that go well with pigs is dollops of barbecue sauce. When are we going to get to some real issues?

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