Thursday, April 10, 2008


Mullah to a tortured Updike Underhill in Royall Tyler’s 1797 novel “The Algerine Captive" (referenced in the New Yorker).

"A wise man adheres not to his religion, because it was that of his ancestors. Born in New England, my friend, you are a Christian purified by Calvin, born in the Campania of Rome, you would had been a Papist. Nursed by the Hindoos, you would have entered the pagoda with reverence, and worshipped the soul of your ancestor in a duck. Educated on the bank of the Wolga, the Delai Lama might have been your god. In China, you would have worshipped Tien, and perfumed Confucius, as you bowed in adoration . . . of your ancestors."

The Master of Apollo and Daphne (c. 1500), ‘Christ on the cross adored by Saints Monica, Augustine, Mary Magdalen, Jerome and Bridget of Sweden, Oil on panel, 30” X 36”

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