Friday, April 04, 2008

The audacity to mope

There has been a distinct dearth in the creation of any artwork from my side. I do not want to blame it on lack of time or devotion to family – although both of those factors do weigh in all the time (and gladly so). The fact remains that I am a little bored with painting faces (which occupied me for almost one and a half years) and am not too happy with splashing paint in abstract patterns (indulged myself this way for most of this year)... Guess one can call it moping around in a different sort of way. I am still exploring - not too sure where this will lead me - but am trying a variety of styles that aim to merge the ‘abstractional’ elements and representational forms. We have had a 15 X 6 foot canvas in the basement, primed, gessoed and ready for the paint – of course, it remains in its ever taut pristine whiteness – a silent spectator to dust mites and the diurnal rays of light that stream in from a couple of small windows on the basement walls. I have been doing a lot of studies and sketches on how best I go about the large canvas and here are three of them... Some of them are ink and graphite on paper whilst others were generated on a computer screen. Of course, not too sure if you noticed it in the tortured markings below, but an Anselm Kiefer gremlin bit me recently - although I have been feeling the distinct buzz of this contagious bug around my head for about two years now.

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