Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thoughts on yesterday’s election primary

Yesterday’s election primary results were interesting in the sense that the number of contenders for what is supposed to the most powerful political office in the world has narrowed down to three individuals. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain. What was especially heartening to note was the fact that the candidacy of the shape shifting, forever morphing, chameleon like persona of Mitt Romney is effectively over. While a popular train of through informs that just about any monkey’s uncle would be better than the current incumbent of the White House, at this point, for me, the tension that accompanies the selection of candidature of the United States presidency is effectively over. I can live with any one of the three, Hillary, Barack or McCain… They are all fairly level headed and good for the country.

Related news from Bloomberg:
Last Saturday in Chelsea, New York magazine art writer Jerry Saltz compared Hillary Clinton to MoMA. How unkind. And possibly true. Both entities had ``lost touch'' and were ``a bit of a disappointment. The event, at the Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery, was a rally to get out the vote for candidate Obama, also the presidential choice of New Yorker magazine art critic Peter Schjeldahl, artist Matthew Ritchie and New Museum curator Laura Hoptman. Obama was like the New Museum, Saltz riffed, ``impossible, audacious, awkward.'' ``Like a dream,'' he said, ``it changes everything overnight.''

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