Monday, January 14, 2008

Sign of our times...

Some time back, Simplistic lamented on our trend to shut oneself out of the normal world and live in one’s own creation using digital music players. Walking around like automatons with those ubiquitous white buds strapped to the ears, we see more and more of this sect avidly listening to music or whatever that comes blathering out of those hand held devices. If ever you make the mistake to unknowingly ask them a question in the middle of their reveries, you may count yourself lucky if they condescend to answer you with a mixture of defiance, nonchalance and irritation coupled with a 'you, luddite!' stare.
If the above does not manage to insulate society, then a new gadget unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show called MPH (Music Playing Holster) from TASER will guarantee the complete removal of the individual from everyday life. This device from TASER (yes, those guns that stun or sometimes kill unsuspecting individuals who are unfortunate enough to be jolted by the law or by fellow citizenry – yes, anyone can get one) comes with a MP3 player built in.
In addition to enjoying the music, one can also enjoy visual displays of wild contortions of unfortunate individuals who could be TASERED by the device (which can deliver about 50,000 volts of pure electricity in a split second). Well, next time, before you disturb that individual with those cutesy buds shape-fitted over their ears, think deeply and ponder if you would like to be jolted to the extreme realities of our current times. For those who are color conscious, these ‘mp3 guns’ come in pink, original color (not sure what that means) and leopard skin color.

In other sign of the times, the venerable Associated Press declared that Britney’s woes were very newsworthy:

The Associated Press is bolstering its entertainment news coverage — and for many readers and viewers, Britney Spears is nothing if not entertaining. An internal memorandum from The A.P.’s Los Angeles bureau dictating coverage of the troubled pop star was published by several media blogs on Tuesday, prompting some punch lines at the news service’s expense. “Now and for the foreseeable future, virtually everything involving Britney is a big deal,” Frank Baker, the Los Angeles assistant bureau chief, wrote on Tuesday morning, three days after Ms. Spears was released from the hospital where she had been admitted in the wake of a custody dispute.”

British School, 19th century, 'A Knighting Ceremony', 49.5 by 81 cm, Lithograph

American School, 2008, 'Stun Gun that plays sweet music to your ears', Metal parts, hard drive, plastic and battery

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Sujith said...

That was a very good post. I had watched the video of this unsuspecting guy getting tasered at the airport. I don't get the point. What is the world coming to?