Sunday, October 07, 2007


'Fall in Princeton', Sunil, Digital photograph


we drove to Princeton yesterday,
on back roads,
slow and winding
with Kerouac on my mind.

he had not said,
that everybody was trying
to get into the act,
but that everybody were in it.

fall classes had begun,
my son chases after the squirrel,
is dismayed that it nimbly climbs the tree
while he cannot.

the ivy is green on the moss,
the walls hold promises,
optimism is fresh
as the students chase after.

we saw washed out widows
who go off to die,
an alumni had captured them
on film at the museum.

the squirrel, my son
students, trees
the moss, widows
the road home.

Yes, Kerouac was right,
everybody was not trying
to get into the act,
everybody is in it.

'Gnarled', Sunil, Digital Photograph

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