Friday, September 07, 2007

Spam for artists

Alex Dragulescu spam art (more here)

The email spam remains alive and well. Watch out for the following spam directed towards artists...Trust them to get even more creative as we go on...

I got this mail this morning...

Hope this message finds you well ,I came across your web page while directed toarching for good artworks and I will like to buy some of these creative artworks directly from you which i think will be perfect for my walls

Buy Me Bring Me Take Me 2007-02-20 13:11:48 Oil on canvas 3 feet X 4 feet

The Veil: Some Parts Mea Culpa 2007-02-20 13:11:59 Oil on canvas 3 feet X 4 feet

I will be happy to have these selected artworks in our new home. What are their prices exclusive of shipping cost? We are travelling from our Alabama home to our new apartment in London, I will appreciate an earlier reply.

Best Regards


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