Sunday, July 29, 2007

Newspaper writeup on my art...

Carrying on the shameless bit of self promotion started off here, I was happy to find a nice writeup about my art and a bit about our family in today's issue of the Central Jersey newspaper Home News Tribune.

Newspaper article:

- Front Page teaser.
- Page 1.
- Page 2 and a picture.

The online article without pictures here.


Tree said...

It's a good piece, Sunil. You come across as you are on your blog; intelligent, creative and kind.

Andrew Boss said...

This is not surprising to me. You're a fantastic painter. Some well deserved recognition!

Tracy said...

Shameless self promotion is the best kind, Sunil!

Nice article and congrats on the upcoming solo show. That's great!

vinod said...

This is awesome!! Its time Sunil...its time to quit your day job and become a full time artist!! :-)

Steve Durbin said...

Fabulous news! You're an inspiration. But please explain the part about surviving on no sleep, I could use that.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work Sunil!
You are very inspiring! :)

Sunil said...

Tree, Andrew, Tracy, Steve, Vinod and Angela,
Thanks very much and I really appreciate the good wishes..