Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Little bit of self promotion

I have been a bit busy with work at work, work at home and some miscellany. Have not had much of a chance to post here but a couple of things to look forward to are as follows:

On Sunday, the central New Jersey newspaper (Home News Tribune) is doing a story on my art and a bit about me. The interview was revealing in and of itself for me as well as the reporter (maybe I should talk about my art more often) - it clarifies things in your mind about the work you undertake... If you get your hands on this newspaper by any chance, do not forget to check the story out. They have an online story as well (is what the reporter told me)...

Also, I have been conformed for my first solo exhibition at the Gourgaud gallery in Cranbury, NJ. The show will run for the whole month of October 07'.
I will post more details as and when they turn up.

I have a couple of pictures that my son and I took yesterday afternoon in our garden.


Burnt Umber


jafabrit said...

congratulations on the story and the solo exhibit :) Look forward to seeing pics and links to news article and when the show is up.

Sunil said...

Thanks very much, Corrine.
Your wishes are very much appreciated.

Tree said...

Sunil, I think this is fantastic! Congratulations and I look forward to reading more about your upcoming show.

Sunil said...

Thanks very much, Tree!