Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As if eating a host of other animals were not enough, the New York Times has a field day with a how-to section in their Dining pages on cutting up rabbits and serving them.
Rabbits are supposed to be easy to kill. The French dispatch them with a sharp knife to the throat. A farmer in upstate New York swears that a swift smack with the side of the hand works. Others prefer a quick twist of the neck. ... The idea was to place the rabbit on its belly on straw-covered asphalt, press a broomstick across the back of its neck and swiftly yank up the rear legs. Done right, it’s a quiet and quick end...
Interesting quote: “They have the same muscle structure as a pig, For someone who hasn’t broken down a large animal, a rabbit is a great place to start.”

Thoughts on the philosophical cow here.

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