Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Go fug yourself tells cosmo readers to worry about things more serious...

Is Manmohan Singh underappreciated? I think so.

What is an Andy Warhol? How a foundation controls the price of Warhols worldwide...

Ayesha Saldanha chronicles the plight of western women in Muslim lands. Works both ways, I guess...

The New York Science Times on circles and why life as we know it must be lived in the round.

An Indian Hindu-Muslim wedding dissected.

If one gets turned off by the Dawkins brand of visceral atheists, here is an alternative. Gentle female ones who coax/coach you through the process. (via)

This series of photographs documents the lives of the Gwich’in, whose millennia-old culture is threatened by climate change.

Wondering about the history of minarets (esp. after the Swiss f****d up that referendum). Read it here.

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