Friday, November 06, 2009

Comments/questions on the shootings at Fort Hood

Even if authorities are checking to see if the handguns used in the Fort Hood shootings were licensed or not, would this spur our lawmakers to enact comprehensive gun laws that make it illegal for anyone to purchase a gun from a local store with sometimes as little as a drivers license as proof of identity?

Would the fact that the Fort Hood shooter having a Muslim background mean that life will get even more difficult and spur new levels of bigotry focused towards dark skinned Asians (like our family) and Sikhs in particular (with their turbans)?

Will this incident provoke a change in Obama's Afghanistan troop policy - would he be more willing to increase troop levels (teach radical Islamic elements that we mean business anyway) or less inclined to send more troops (maybe better to concentrate on radicalism in our own midst)?

I guess the people caught in the middle are the troops - who now seem to face not only foes in the battlefield, but confronting that vague feeling that foes might be embedded in their midst...

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