Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Definitions of the word 'work' from Schotts... I found some keepers in the comments section...

  • “These days, it’s simply pre-unemployment activity.”
  • “I have yet to discern a difference between ‘working from home’ and ‘sleeping at the office.’”
  • “Work is the one thing your boss never seems to see you doing.”
  • “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
  • "Work is for people who lacked the foresight to be born wealthy."
  • "Work is the dread you begin to feel around 3:00 pm on Sunday."

A ditty too...

When Adam fell we all were cursed
With jobs that always do come first.
No more the lion and the lamb;
Now we fight the traffic jam.
Beating plowshares into cars,
Skipping lunch for candy bars.
Meeting deadlines, conference calls,
Power Point, strange toilet stalls.
Jet lag, ergonomic stress,
Change your tie and clean your dress.
Polish shoes until they gleam,
Take one for the office team.
Then retire, and find out
Pension plans are in a route.
Adam, you old S O B,
Couldn’t you find another tree?

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