Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meanwhile in these United States...

From here: Police in Mobile, Ala., used pepper spray and Taser on a deaf, mentally disabled man who they said wouldn't leave a store's bathroom. The family of 37-year-old Antonio Love has filed a formal complaint over the incident on Friday. Police tell the Press-Register of Mobile that officers shot pepper spray under the bathroom door after knocking several times. After forcing the door open, they used the stun gun on Love. ... The newspaper says the officers attempted to book Love on charges including disorderly conduct, but a magistrate on duty wouldn't accept the charges.

Here is his testimony - in his own language... (you will have to excuse the punctuation - the man was mentally disabled)... From here.

I'm walked and arrive Popeye. I went into bathroom then I arrive, walk and run to General Dollar. My stomach need lost weight. I'm tired then I just look around. I went into bathroom again and lock the door. I wait and sit toilet. I think aboout someonme try break door. I hold door hard and umbrella open over me. The police arrive General Dollar and throw poison through under door. I can smell poison, and I'm amazing and shock and I'm turned the water still. I got tissue and put it in the water fill with wet. I'm get wet tissue on nose and get water bottle and drink water in my mouth. I'm throwed bottle on floor, I'm turned the water and get wet towels put water, I put it my wet hat on nose and mouth. I hold hat on nose and mouth with breath. I'm mad more more hard as wild as strong. Then I'm think someone gone - then again someone knock knock hard. Someone hit the door. My head hold the door and my hand put hold lock the door. I spit poison with water. Someone hit hard hard. I almost fall and surprise police here. The police get the tazz three strings in my stomach, chest and hand and hit my head. I'm falled. The police start to tazz gun my body and hand. My ler body moved and shaked more. I said Stop. The police stop tazz. The police drag me more and they checked my pant and rubber boots. Then the police put cuff back my wrists. The poice said move. Me go. I just see. The police and I go outside I shake my body. The police tell me that check rubber boots again. I said "deaf" . The police get my black wallet and check my black wallet. The police call Amlanee then Ambulance lady come over me then lady sign and I sign. lady dont understand that I sign hard because shake. Lady talk the police about me. I just look around police. Lady said "Get off cuff" Other lady check her shot my hand finger. Other lady said "My hand is OK". The police put me in police car. I saw boys laugh at me, I saw some ladies and girl. I'm ignored people. The police wait long. I'm patient. We go to building and the police said sit. I saw police laugh at me. I dont want escape. I just wait long. The police and I go other police building. I sign my name and then lady said "turn front wall". I turn wall and my hand up, I don't understand. The police said " my hand move on the wall then lady check rubber boots, belt and watch. The lady get me move into the jail. Lady luck me. I sit and feel sad. I don't see wall jail. I wait long. The the police get me out of jail. Lady give me belt to me. I put belt pant. The police and I go over around. I know that say "Mom". I think need know where. The police and I go over airport Blvd, I try said stop the police come over other street. The police stop the car and open the door and open other door. Then I sit still and the police tell me have to knock glass wall mean stop. I know where home, and I knock glass wall. Stop. The police saw sign number 4031. The police drive over my home and I just see he move slow then I knock glass wall and stop. I'm show the door #239. The police told me that I'm crazy. I don't understand OK. I go home. The police go him somewhere. I told that I'm scared of crime. My legs, body and arm and hand shake. I get bathroom fast, I lay and rest my bedroom. I'm weak and not strong. Someone and I go General Dollar, and someone talk other lady about me crazy mad. Someone and I go home. I just see them. Then they go somewhere. I'm sleeped. Rest. We go over General Dollar and see my mom stand. I'm surprised my mom stand too late. I think "OK, That's fine. Don't worry about my mom". I'm nice to my mom. We go over police building lock and close. Then we go over home. Then I rest more then sleep. Then I wake up and go to bathroom wash my face. The I eat. I just watch T.V. Bye.

Oh, I forgot to mention - he was a black man...

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