Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meanwhile in Israel

It is documented that of all living species only human beings kill for fun. Here Israeli soldiers do their part in making sure that facts like the above stay true.. Here is testimony from Israeli soldiers who took part in the Dec 2008 Israeli Palestinian war... Youtube video of account here.

An Israeli sniper killed a Palestinian man in order to mark a “score” with his gun. Soldiers fired at houses out of boredom. A commander expressed satisfaction that Gaza hospitals were full. These are some of the testimonies given by Israelis soldiers who fought in the recent Gaza war in a report released Wednesday. “One guy said he just couldn't finish this operation without killing someone. So he killed someone, apparently some sort of lookout,” one soldier reported. “I can definitely say [the Palestinian] was not armed. I can definitely say the soldier regarded this as some children's game and was delighted and laughing after this.” During the past few months, 26 Israeli soldiers – both regular and reserve – shared their most troubling experiences from the war with the organization Breaking the Silence, creating the first large collection of Israeli testimonies from the battle.
One soldier reported that a colonel told his battalion before entering Gaza that they would be going into Gaza aggressively and added: “Fortunately the hospitals are full to capacity already, so people are dying more quickly.”
According to the soldiers who talked to Breaking the Silence, combat almost never happened. The army used massive firepower from tanks, artillery, air and sea to prevent soldiers from facing Palestinian fighters or risking injury from a booby-trapped house. For some soldiers, the lack of combat led them to fire on houses or water tanks in frustration or boredom.

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