Friday, May 29, 2009

A word list

A list of the winning Bee words from 1953... This made me insecure... Link to Webster in case you need it... Kavya Shivashankar won it this year with the first word below...

laodicean, guerdon, serrefine, ursprache, appoggiatura, autochthonous, pococurante, prospicience, succedaneum, demarche, logorrhea, chiaroscurist,euonym, vivisepulture, xanthosis, antediluvian, kamikaze, lyceum, antipyretic, fibranne, spoliator, elegiacal, staphylococci, odontalgia, milieu, luge, purim, psoriasis, sarcophagus, elucubrate, maculature, deification, cambist, narcolepsy, incisor, hydrophyte, vouchsafe, macerate, shalloon, croissant, interlocutory, abalone, chihuahua, ratoon, eczema, sycophant, equipage, esquamulose, esquamulose, smaragdine, eudaemonic, catamaran, syllepsis, schappe, schappe, condominium, crustaceology, transept

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Swapna said...

I was humbled.