Thursday, May 07, 2009

Good riddance already?

Time magazine gets tough on the Republican party and its ideals... They seem to predict that the end is almost near. I would prefer the party still lurk in the background serving us a constant reminder of the depths a nation could plumb. On the other hand, what will we do without the constant entertainment from the honorable Mr. Rush if the party fades away...

The party's ideas — about economic issues, social issues and just about everything else — are not popular ideas. They are extremely conservative ideas tarred by association with the extremely unpopular George W. Bush, who helped downsize the party to its extremely conservative base. A hard-right agenda of slashing taxes for the investor class, protecting marriage from gays, blocking universal health insurance and extolling the glories of waterboarding produces terrific ratings for Rush Limbaugh, but it's not a majority agenda. The party's new, Hooverish focus on austerity on the brink of another depression does not seem to fit the national mood, and it's shamelessly hypocritical, given the party's recent history of massive deficit spending on pork, war and prescription drugs in good times, not to mention its continuing support for deficit-exploding tax cuts in bad times.
Eugene Remy Maes (1849 - 1931), 'The Cock Fight', oil on canvas, 35" X 47"

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Tree said...

It's hard to believe the Republican Party was founded on the anti-slavery issue. Look how far they have fallen. Unfortunately, there are still many people who proudly support the Republican Party, which is frightening when one considers the level of denial and outright hypocrisy needed to do that.