Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Poem

is looking at some horrible photo realistic paintings 
wonders if the R's will come to D's funeral since they didn't come to S's
is crying for love.
is glad to be kidnapped by Francesca on a beautiful Saturday 
is fucking bored at work
has visions of swastikas inside their heads
thinks that in the end everyone ends up alone.
hates two words: accounting software. God help us
says boys and girls should make love 
found this guitar for $25 at the Goodwill in Pittsburgh
is visiting the detox center tonight 
is opening all the windows and letting the breeze and the sun in 
is doing naughty aerobics with Mexicans in Cabo!
is too busy to be at work today but is there anyways
is planting peas and carrots and pansies
is making sake for tonight
thinks that the downturn has not been bad
is building a bridge to nowhere with her
vehemently insisted that jokes about the holocaust are bad
lost imaginary wealth and real weight recently
likes H's peaches and would like to shake your tree.
is at the beach w/ my blondieee!
is sad that seeqpod is dead
is at work while everyone is at the beach... blah!
says what is up with everyone breaking up.... its time for lovin
thinks someday.. somebody will....
stumbled into town, just like a sacred cow
gives a big Bangalore hug to all friends back in NYC and beyond
is tired of waitin 4 the resultz. It's tougher than preparin 4 it!
had a good hair and boiled brain day....
says sorry to women he had wronged
thinks hope floats but sinks like a stone in winter
is so enjoying the dancing! Tuesday is audition day
wonders why go through the process when you have a short cut
thinks why make love when you can get it
really really likes not working, wants a hot dog and is a Pheonix
thinks that it's our heart that makes us more than what we are
was shocked out of her brains last night!!!! 
won't tell a soul what she saw or how big it was
was happy that Adam Gopnik hugged her 
is watching the dog chew on a bone while Rush lashes out
thinks he spends more hours of the day drunk than sober
just picked up some of the last walnuts and set them to dry
is knackered, slathered and needs a nanny-nap
says that what doesn't kill a quail only makes it stronger.
is contemplating what chore to put off doing.
is a whore with a chore
thinks of the time when a fish swam into a wall and said "damn!"
just arrived home from the hospice after losing a very good friend
is recuperating from an Irish night out
needs and wants to give H a good bad spanking
knew a banker who killed a homeowner (albeit indirectly)
wore leotards under her pants to work
saw a Hummer hit a cyclist sending the poor bloke to the ER 
did something hot and sweaty and it was not what you think
thinks they should have aspirin bars - to chew on the night after
is missing the good times, but remains chaste
says don’t get cute or clever, just go with your gut 
did it in a few minutes
got the job woot woot!!!!! yayyy!
is protesting in front of the turkish embassy today
says shush girl, shut your lips; do a Helen Keller, talk with your hips
believes in equality for all, except reporters and photographers
has home cleaning work all day then performance at club españa
is thinking perhaps he'll have the Molson's for lunch
just noticed that his neighbor's kitchen was torn down. Foreclosure?
is hereby waiting for a spaceship to take him away

Note: This is the second of what I might call 'Facebook' based poems - made up entirely of people's status updates. The first one can be found here... 

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Sindhu Gangadharan said...

I was trying to make sense out of the poem by reading it again...then saw that this is a collection of people's status updates from Facebook :-) interesting the things people say and do...