Monday, April 06, 2009


“If I were they, I would think carefully before setting foot outside the United States. They are now, and forever in the future, at risk of arrest. Until this is sorted out, they are in their own legal black hole.” - Philippe Sands, a British based lawyer talking about the plight of six senior Bush administration officials who were recently implicated in acts of torture by a Spanish Court. From here.

Gonzalo Boye, the Chilean-born Spanish lawyer who recently filed the criminal complaint against the Bush officials was influenced by Philippe Sands' book 'Torture Team'.

The 'six in a fix' are as follows:
  • Douglas Feith, the former Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy
  • Alberto Gonzales, the former Attorney General
  • John Yoo, a former Justice Department lawyer
  • David Addington, the chief of staff and the principal legal adviser to Vice-President Dick Cheney
  • William Haynes II, former general counsel for the Department of Defense
  • Jay Bybee, Yoo's former boss at the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel

Peter Saul, 'Stuck', 67" X 59", Acrylic on canvas, 2007. Image from a recent visit to Mary Boone Gallery who had on show 'IMAGE MATTER', an exhibition curated by Klaus Kertess.

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