Friday, December 19, 2008

Painting Post and a little note…

It has been a while since I completed a proper painting. Four months to be exact. While I still enjoy the process immensely, I do not feel as motivated as I used to over the last three years as I indulged in my little amateur experiments in painting our faces. I know Chuck C. has spent his lifetime doing just that, but I do not seem to have the wellspring of optimism and creativity that seems to sustain and nurture his craft. As a result, this will be my last ‘face’ painting for the immediate future. A lot of options, ideas and avenues have been floating inside my head – the trick is to bring the art behind some of these ideas to fruition – practically and meaningfully. I have not figured out an optimum process/technique to channel output appropriately under the happy circumstances surrounding the balance of work, family, sleep etc. and when I do I will let you know (in the meantime if you have any tips, do let me know). Yesterday night, I did create a couple of preparatory sketches on paper as a precursor to develop something as yet undefined. I am not too sure where this new direction is going to take me, but I feel confident that I will discover something new.

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