Thursday, December 11, 2008


With not much to do on a spare half hour this cold, rainy afternoon, I headed out to the annual holiday market over at Manhattan's Union Square Park. On getting there, one runs into an unusual selection of special art projects, one-off craft ideas and printed cotton bric-a-bracs distributed across multiple red and white tent-like stalls concentrically arranged across the park. The profusion of color at the market was uplifting especially given the chilly winds visiting our economy (not to speak of the featureless, overcast skies above). I managed to squeeze a couple of shots of the colors running wild across the stalls after securing permission from their proud owners. Maybe it was the weather or maybe the economy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not jostled around too much by over-eager holiday shoppers out to get that eclectic gift. In a ‘cup half full’ frame of mind, I preferred to chalk it off to the vagaries of the former. It was a half hour spent well.

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