Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorism in India

Desicritics on the global ramifications of the recent terrorist strikes in Mumbai. People who considered terms like 'global war on terror' as empty rhetoric need to think twice...

Mumbai has been attacked several times before. So has the rest of India. It is not uncommon for me to rush and dial home in the middle of a work day and make sure my family and friends are safe. I selfishly heave a sigh of relief when everybody I know is alive and well. This time when some of the headlines stated that foreigners, specifically Brits and Americans were being targeted I was puzzled. And then it made sense. With the security heightened in the US and in Britain as well in recent years, it is hard to target Americans and British nationals inside their own country. Mumbai security has never been particularly terrorist-proof and hosts tourists from all over the world. Everybody is aware that most foreign tourists reside in the Oberoi and Taj hotels in the city. While heinous acts of terrorism are not unusual in Mumbai, this attack though carried out in Mumbai, is in reality an attack on the people of 3 nations that should come together as a stronger, more united front in the fight against terrorism.

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