Thursday, November 06, 2008

Growing up in Bangalore, India I used to catch glimpses of the covers of the local newspaper 'The Deccan Herald' as my father sat on his chair drinking his morning cup. The effects of the Obama win echo and reverberate far and wide and this is what the Deccan Herald from Bangalore had to say this morning:

History often produces the man it requires for its need and purpose and Obama perhaps knew it was his moment and seized it. But opportunity is responsibility too. That casts on the 44th President the task of creating a new, more humane America, responsive to the myriad problems it confronts within and creatively engaging with the world of which it is still the leader. There is much cleaning up and reconstruction that awaits him in the economy, society and elsewhere, and Obama has indicated that he is seized of the enormity of the challenge. It would be the hope of the world that America’s howl for change does not go waste.

Update: Other reports from around the world here. A great photograph compilation of people's reactions from around the world. Some of them are indeed touching.

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