Friday, October 24, 2008

What we see is not what we are getting

I have not tried applying lipstick on a pit-bull. Or a pig for that matter. For one thing, it is difficult to get these animals to stay still as you try and get the pigment on them and the other problem is that it is a dangerous job. Besides, it is only well known that the resulting gloss that the lipstick radiates is but a transitory phenomenon.

I just read the news that Sarah Palin’s makeup stylist was lucky to be singled out as the highest salary earner in the McCain campaign. Amy Strozzi, identified as Gov. Sarah Palin’s traveling makeup artist, was paid $22,800 for the first two weeks of October alone.

It is bad behavior to nitpick to this level of detail, but when one starts to see Gov Palin pirouetting as the politically naive hockey mom from a small town out to change Washington, one needs to frame revelations like the above in its right context: Are the election of leaders such as Jonah McPalin really good for our country? What will an individual who tries so hard to project the small town gal image who in reality can be a shoo-in for a high priced supermodel bring in terms of governance to the country?

There is a reason for this blog going political over the last couple of months. THIS ELECTION IS IMPORTANT FOR US AND FOR OUR CHILDREN. It is important that we understand who the real individuals are who are vying to be leaders of this country. I believe in this country and the values it represents very ardently and it is difficult to see it being given away to scheming charlatans. The next time one is assailed by robo calls linking candidates to terrorists and artfully twisted charges that the country will be treading down a socialist path, one will need to think hard and smoke out real liars in this endeavor.

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