Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lines on a long distance relationship

He watches her grow up from another land,
smile, skip, play and breathe,
the vagaries of work and study
keeping them apart, his hopes
riding on the plans for tomorrrow.
She discovers daddy to be a ghostly face
brought to her by a distant webcam,
a pixilated, shape shifting image
on her mothers computer screen.
It was only last month
she opened the cd drive,
and placed on it her favorite bear
and told her mother to send it to daddy.
He celebrates her birthday long distance
and blows her a kiss while she huffs and
puffs; Two small red candles on a cream cake.
Wistfully reaches and plays with her dark curls
on the inky cold flatness of his laptop screen.
It has been two years since she was born
and he is finally going home now.

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