Friday, August 01, 2008

Painting Post

I decided to photograph the development of this piece as it went though various ‘intermediate stages’. In each case, the next 'stage' was reached after a splash of paint was thrown and suitably coaxed into a form and pattern until it was 'suitably' complete. I went through six iterations of the ‘throw, brush excess, coax reminder’ process till I decided that it was about time to finish... Even if the basement was a mess at the end of this exercise, the results were OK.

Stage I: Setting the base colors

Stage II: Addition of the latex yellow paint, vermillion powder, granulated sand and cadmium red oil paint

Stage III: Coaxing the results and addition of varnish to improve flow patterns and layer transluceny

'Untitled_072808', Sand, gesso, latex paint, vermillion, oil paint and varnish on stretched canvas, 36" X 48"


Tree said...

It's a very interesting piece and I especially like how it looked at stage 3. Funny though, I'd just finished reading some more on the murder on the bus in Canada, came to your blog and saw the red paint smeared on the canvas. It was a bit shocking!

Sunil said...

Hmmm. No connection there...