Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meanwhile in our garden...

A red breasted robin and its partner had built their nest in one of our weeping pines about three months back. The blue eggs were beautiful and every once in a while we would take a peek to check on their progress. The chick was extremely ugly at birth, I remember. Over the last month, it seemed to grow in size, confidence and plumage with generous parental helpings of little worms, crickets and other hapless critter that were unlucky to be caught up in the endless cycle. This morning, it took its first faltering steps outside of its nest. As the little one hopped about our garden, I did notice some gentle coaxing from its parents to begin its onward flight.


Oly said...

Prescious little guy there, Sunil.
I raised several baby jay birds myself when I was a kid-- they'd always fall out of the trees in our backyard.

Sunil said...

Every once in a while, I go out and see if the little one returns to its nesting grounds... No luck thus far.