Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spam scam slam

Spammers keep finding new and mischievous ways to burrow through our electronic and emotional systems. Chief among the strategies employed in recent times was the Nigerian or the 419 spam scam. Faith based approaches seem to be gaining popularity (as opposed to good faith spam). A recent letter that landed up in our supposedly staid inbox seemed to have dodged the myriad filters setup to snare the dodgy bytes. The combination of bathos, folksy wisdom and religiosity convinced me that this was no ordinary random word generator type spam. This must have been devised by someone who spent quality time and effort in coming up the words. To think that a human being actually creates stuff like this to hoodwink is inconceivable to normal minds, but then these are the creations of the abnormal designed to prey on the normal. Late one night in a cathartic fit, I decided to take up creative license with the content using some commonly available image manipulation packages. The results…

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