Thursday, June 26, 2008

NYC waterfalls project

The spigots opened this morning on Danish artist Olafur Eliasson's NYC Waterfalls project. This was the view in the morning as I was riding the ferry. Most people on the ferry did not know or did not care too much, someone said it was a waste of public resources, others were heard saying that this is uplifting and reminded them of the Bushkill falls… I do not know how Bushkill got into the discussion… WNBC yesterday had an art critic telling us that 'it is not what you do with the water that matters - what matters is the space between you and the work and how that space is transformed as the viewer takes in this work'. I am not too sure about that, sounds concocted for some reason. People will find their own reasons to like or dislike this thing… Sure, this will generate a lot of press for New York, but on first looks, it seemed like a little bit of waste - maybe it is the times we live in with all the events around the world buttressing ones subconscious and here we are pumping water to a height of 100 feet and letting it flow down makeshift scaffolding...
Anyways, this is expected to bring in about 60 million dollars of tourist revenue on a total spend of about 15 million. He has built four of these waterfalls that range in height between 90 feet and 120 feet. The first image is the installation on Governors Island whereas the second is at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge (on the Brooklyn side).

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