Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inversions of Alternate Realities

The Chelsea based Daneyal Mahmood Gallery is developing to be a gallery that seems to consistently produce works that provoke. The oil exhibit (covered here) was genius. A new show combines a bit of art and science (a combination that we will see a lot over the coming years). This show features photographs from artist Justine Cooper who explores the world of million dollar anthropomorphic medical robots and mannequins used by doctors and surgeons (while honing their skills)… The following statement from the show sums it: “At a time when medical intervention can be so de-humanizing, when technology is criticized for removing us from reality, these images create a perverse inversion. The artist found that the personnel charged with the care of the mannequins had humanized these objects into subjects by naming them, dressing them in holiday attire and constructing a narrative through their care”.

An inversion of Second Life, I guess.

Below: 'Lamina', DNA LEDs acrylic and aluminum, 62" X8", 2008 (projection of the artists DNA on a kind of a circular lightbox). Intriguing self portrait - if you ask me. Apparently one can send in a saliva sample to the artist/gallery and get one of these custom made (of course, I am sure the cost will be in the thousands of dollars).

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