Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hosannas to the Egalitarian Internets

We live in a confession based culture. Most people share just about every intimate detail that can be thought up and dish it out on blogs, magazines and online newsgroups. The book ‘Naked’ by David Sedaris is a perfect example of what might be dubbed as ‘vicarious literature’. Add to that a new genre called anonymous confessionals. Post Secret was a big hit in this category. A new company creatively named Glass Door has taken this a step further. This web site collects company reviews and real salaries from employees of large corporations and companies and displays them anonymously for all members to see.

It is interesting to see what life really looks like at that much hyped about techno baby Google based on an anonymous confessional posted on this site (of course, nobody can vouch for the truthiness of such comments but I thought the Wisdom of the Crowds held more than a modicum of the real thing)

Real life at Google has NOTHING to do with what you read in the papers. Management is mostly useless and doesn't know how to manage projects, let alone people. Folks like Marissa Mayer (who appears on every news magazine of the world) have 200+ people reporting to them. As direct reports. Also when you are not kissing your way up, you not only have no job progression or promotions, but you also will get ousted at some point. No matter if you are good or bad. In fact, most of the super intelligent people at Google are bitching because they are put on dumb jumps which make them feel undervalued and miserable all the time.

Sites like these will pose a big headache for Investment Banking firms who typically make a big deal of the ‘pact of silence’ that accompany ones salary/perks. Will be interesting to see how this startup plays out.

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