Thursday, June 19, 2008

Collage mélange at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

An exhibition featuring a selection of collages from 1968 to the present year just began at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery in Chelsea. I had not paid much attention (although I had read that this has rich and varied possibilities) to this artform until I actually stepped into the gallery and spent time looking. I came back humbled by the opportunities this seemingly simple yet complex artform offers. It goes to say a lot to our ingenuity when one can create compelling works such as these from bits and pieces of planned and unplanned assemblages. The exhibition runs till the middle of August.

Robert Warner, Over, 2008, Mixed Media Assemblage, 14" X 12"

Felix Schramm, Untitled, 2008, torn ink jet prints, 14" X 11"

Miriam Wosk, Bones of the Golden Serpant, 2008, paper collage, painted foils and butterflies on canvas, 40" X 50" X 3"
This made of Hershey wrappers was my favorite - could not catch the name of this one, but this is a collage from the 60's. The fact that the words, 'her', 'she' and 'yes' were scattered over the figure somehow plays with ones mind...

Mark Wagner, Wading in it, 2008, Currency Collage on paper, 15" X 12"

Antonio Puleo, You are right, 2008, acrylic, and paper on panel, 36" X 24"

Javier Pinon, "The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian", 2008

Jonathan Solo, Still Life, 2008, Graphite Collage on paper, 23" X 17"

Josh Dorman, Ad Infinitum, 2008, ink, acrylic, antique maps and paper on panel, 20" X 16"


Anonymous said...

Just a quick correction... The image of the cowboy is by Javier Pinon and is from 2008. The title is "The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian"

Sunil said...

Thanks very much for pointing that out. My apologies on the oversight. I just corrected this.

Anonymous said...

the *hersey* wrapper piece is done by AL HANSEN