Friday, May 23, 2008

Texas (could not) hold 'em (all)

You have to love the verdict. Of course, the aggrieved can appeal.


Vikki said...

Sorry, I do NOT love that verdict. The Texas courts are still led by the sexist thinking of backwoods yahoos. They're decision just made it okay for the abusers to continue -- with a smirk on their face.

Sunil said...

The abuse in question is egregious. No doubts about that and it is contemptible. Even more contemptible is the fact that a state can mandate the removal of about 400 babies (a lot of them newborn and unweaned) from their mothers. I was supremely happy with the fact that the mothers will get their babies back and that was the reason I was satisfied with the decision. I should have made it a little clearer. Again the abuse that happened there is beneath common human dignity (wonder when the men who propagated the abuse will pay – rather than make the mothers pay).