Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reluctant Rhythm

Nightly news

Last night I turned off the television; in disgust.
A boy in the country had killed his mother and the rest of his family.
The reporter tried to pontificate with the cultivated stoic calm;
self-serving emblems of professional personas.

The boys friends added to the drama,
providing lurid details of his autism.
The gravitas was added by the expert testimony,
passers-by and a medicine man.

They all seemed caught up in the momentary pepper spray,
than, by extrapolations of our permanent loss (sad, but strange).
It seemed as if this had intruded
our current, still life (we were on vacation).

After that, I felt, I did not commiserate enough,
(as if it were a duty to partake of diurnal suffering).
I turned the television back on again
(hoping to catch details of the deadly crime).

Of course, the presenter had already moved on,
in self-same stoic and steely demeanor,
to a news item that featured a lady who
had shot her family and killed herself.

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