Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Chelsea based Robert Miller Gallery has a simple, neat show. The show asks one to simply look at lines, shadows, curves, surfaces and other geometric forms in an artistic light. Geometry used as a language and subject by contemporary artists is relatively new and this collection is a good representation of the possibilities. Some of the works were purely minimalist whilst others bordered on being contrived. Most were somewhere in between. The show is on till the end of July.

Joel Shapiro works on iterations of rectangular volumes

Keith Sonnier uses neon light to describe volume in space

Kjell Varvin combines objects in space with two dimensional drawings

Kenneth Snelson uses aluminum and steel held in tension by cables

John Duff uses steel and plaster to work dimensionality

Another one of Joel Shapiro's works

John Pai welds well to depict volumes

John Pai's works: Installation view
Al Held uses drawing to meld surface and space

Paul Miller a.k.a DJ Spooky works in the intersection between digital and textual worlds

Nils Folke Anderson created nine large scale polystyrene inter-locking squares that was riveting to look at. This piece logically tied the show and was displayed over at the gallery entrance. I noticed many people on the street stopping to look at this structure and intrigued by the resulting geometric vision, stepping into the gallery space.

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