Saturday, April 26, 2008

Painting Post

This rather large painting is finally over; took about a couple of months, I must say. 16 feet (no mistype) of unstretched painted canvas has its advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to carry around and transport but not the greatest at preserving the essential flatness that one would want to associate with an oil painting. Plus, one is not sure if the paint might peel or crease at points where it might have been dabbed on too thick (planned or otherwise).

Of course, photographing the thing is another story. For this one, my father and I carried the canvas gingerly from our basement and then hung it from the deck. After that, my wife helped hold down the canvas on one side with my father at the other trying to stretch it taut as a light wind on this fine spring day schemed successfully to sabotage the amateur photo shoot. Lucky for us the neighbors were not outside as we went about our antics in photographing this monster; must have seemed like a strange spectacle to them - two well meaning people trying to hold down a large piece of what looked like an arbitrarily painted cloth while a third filmed the proceedings.

'On a Beginning That Was Filled With Objective Reality', Sunil, Latex based house paint, kumkum, oil paint, dirt and gesso on unstretched canvas, 192" X 72"

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