Monday, January 28, 2008

Applications invited for more superpowers...

An epitaph for England appears in the conservative New Centurion after Gordon Brown joined twenty-six other European countries in signing the Lisbon Treaty last month. I must say it is beneficial… Having two or three superpowers around is not a bad thing – even if it is in the form of a loose coalescing of member states as they dream of in a nascent Europa or the blitzkrieg oligarchic formula currently practiced over at Putinstan… One will need to get more permissions before starting something as big as Iraq... The rumbles have been heard over in the distance with calls for an African Union...

After Dead Souls by Allen Ginsberg

Where O America are you
going in your glorious
automobile, careening
down the highway
toward what crash
in the deep canyon
of the Western Rockies,
or racing the sunset
of the Golden Gate
toward what wild city
jumping with jazz
on the Pacific Ocean!

----------- Spring 1952

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