Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Revealing pictures

It is not the greatest habit to rip pictures from other sites, but the following pictures are from the UNICEF 2007 photography competition. Both pictures are from the Spiegel online and I could not stop myself from putting them here.

The first shows a girl on her 9th birthday dancing near her family's home that straddles one of the biggest garbage dumps in the world. The sofa ostensibly is part of the rubbish.

The second image (which actually won the competition) shows a married couple from Afghanistan. Mohammed, the husband, is a mature 40 years and Ghulam, his wife, is 11. More related news here.

Photographed by Hartmut Schwarzbach

Photographed by Stephanie Sinclair

"I’m delighted to be related to flies, yeast, frogs, chimps and blue-green algae. I find the serenity of algae restful and the ambition of yeast admirable. Frogs are great jumpers. Chimps have hands at the end of their feet, sort of. And fruit flies, well, I never met a fruit fly that I was ashamed to share genes with, and I certainly can’t say that about human beings."

James Gorman in the NY Times

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