Thursday, November 08, 2007

A dialogue with artist Jeffrey Isaac

Sometimes, looking at within from the outside helps clarify perceptions and solidify our understanding of realities which may not be readily apparent for one immersed in it all the time. Taking the pulse of artists who live outside the United States and getting their take on global issues is an important aspect of such understanding. Jeffrey Isaac is an artist who was born here in the States, but lives and works in Italy. Some of his oil paintings are relevant and some not so. All together they portray an interesting take on some of the more important global issues (warming, war etc…) in today’s flat world. I have been following his art and have had an on-and-off dialogue with him for over last year. A mini project of mine last month was to understand his art a little better. Over the course of multiple emails conversations, I managed to produce a composite of his art and some of his motivations. The full dialogue has been posted over at Art and Perception.

Jeffrey Isaac, 'George W. Bush leading the war of terror', 2007, oil on canvas, 250 x 360 cm.

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