Tuesday, October 30, 2007

B & W photography at the Voorhees Galleries

We visited the Voorhees Special Exhibition Galleries at Rutgers University, NJ over the weekend and ran into an excellent exhibition titled 'A New Reality, - Black and White photography in contemporary art'.

Among the great examples of photographs on display were those that included “straight” photography (not manipulated through darkroom techniques or otherwise altered), odd subjects of Diane Arbus (bizarre aspects of everyday life) and unusual sides of fashion photography by Richard Avedon (a photograph where Andy Warhol displays his scarred, post-operative torso).

We could not resist the urge to take pictures of the pictures. For more on the exhibition, please see here.

Valerie Belin, 'Untitled #010806', 2001, Gelatin silver print

John Coplans, 'Self Portrait', 1988, Gelatin silver print

Matthew Buckingham, 'The truth about Abraham Lincoln', 1992, Gelatin silver print

Zeke Berman, 'Goblets Portrait', 1978, Gelatin silver print


Jafabrit said...

Love the Belin's portrait.

Tree said...

Would love to see the show. I'm glad you were able to take pictures.

Sunil said...

That one was my favorite too...