Friday, October 19, 2007

Art, classical music and philosophy in a video game - a motley brew in Eternal Sonata

I am not too much of a video game player, save for the occasional game here and there. I played Halo a bit because of the outer space sequences and the level of detail with which some of the nether worlds/scenarios have been created. Of course, I assist my three year old son in playing Madagascar from time to time and usually end up losing badly. That said, the potential for a lot of these games to marry reality, action, art and music is rich and is a yet-to-be-explored domain. A recent review of a new game out in the market seems to cater to exactly this combination. Eternal Sonata has art, story, action, philosophy and classical music to boot. Now you might say - well that is interesting, but it must do badly when trying to combine all of these disparate forms into a video game. If reviews are to be believed and strength of online comments are to be trusted, it looks like this game has managed to corral all of these immiscible forces into a cohesive whole. We plan on buying this when the prices have cooled down a bit, but reading reviews here and here, it does not seem like it would disappoint. If this game takes off as predicted, then it must herald a new order where the arts and music might play a larger and much needed role in video games. An additional benefit of games like this taking off would be the further democratization of the arts and demystification of classical music well underway with the advent of blogs like this and this. What do you know; the spiky leather jacketed youngster avidly playing videos at the mall may be listening to Frederic Chopin on their IPods...

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