Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some more product watching and musings thereof...

In case you are concerned that overloaded cheese on our pizzas is not doing a good job of adding extra holes on our belts and extra sizes to the clothes we wear, a prominent pizza company has just the answer for us: Adding Oreo’s on top of the cheese to make it even ‘fatter’.

In related news a top federal judge struck down a recent NY law which had made it mandatory that restaurants should list the calorie content of foods served up.

The restaurant industry seemed buoyed when a federal judge this week struck down a city health regulation that would have required nearly 2,400 New York City restaurants to post calorie information on their menus. The restaurant association had argued to strike down the rule as unconstitutional, saying it violated the First Amendment and punished eateries that already tell the public nutritional facts about food on their menus by requiring the disclosure to be made in a uniform manner. The regulation would have required chain restaurants that already voluntarily provide calorie information about its dishes on things like Web sites, tray liners or posters to post that information on their menus or menu boards.
It is not just the Oreos and the cheese working to fatten us up, please count in lawyers, lobbyists and a host of other links in this vast and complicated food chain.

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