Thursday, August 30, 2007


We recently purchased a new car seat for our second son, made sure that it incorporated all of the numerous safety features and lugged the thing home and installed it into our minivan yesterday. Later, while trying to dispose the cardboard box, something caught my eye that seemed funny at first, but on a little more thinking, alludes to a deeper issue as laid out in a recent article I had read about our 'fat' problem.

What caught my eye was the fact that the car seat was suitable for children from 5 to 100 pounds - that is right - 100 pounds. Now, I do not rightfully think that 100 pounds and child may be used in the same sentence, but who am I…

There it was - printed right there on the box - it would have been another matter for the promotional blurb to say - 'stress tested to 100 pound duress' - or something like that... But when you come out and say flagrantly that the seat is suitable for a 100 pound child, either the company is reflecting the current conditions of our society or is being just a little humorous. I suspect it is the former.

Fernando Botero, ‘Mother and Child’, Pencil and colored crayon on paper, 48 X 41 inches, 1996

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Tree said...

There was a discussion on C-Span Saturday morning about obesity in America. What struck me about the situation is it's just not one issue but obesity is linked to so many other issues in our society that need changing.