Friday, July 20, 2007


Andrew Wyeth, The Stone Fence, 1946, Tempera on panel, 25 X 18 in

Andrew Wyeth: “Tempera is a dry pigment mixed with distilled water and yolk of egg. I love the quality of the colors: the earths, the terra verde, the ochers, the Indian reds, and the blue-reds. They aren’t artificial. I like to pick the colors up and hold them in my fingers. Tempera is something with which I build - like building in great layers the way the earth was itself built. Tempera is not the medium for swiftness.

Note: Some critics dislike his work simply because it is so popular and appeals to people because it is representational in nature.


Tree said...

poetry, indeed. One of my very favorite artists! If you get a chance, check out the official Andrew Wyeth Web site and the painting The Carry.

Sunil said...

Yes, Wyeth is great. The Carry is also nice but a little cloying after wave paintings mass produced from China in the malls