Sunday, July 08, 2007

Painting Post: Self Portrait

Title: 'Self Portrait - 2007'
Medium: Oil on MDF
Size: 40" X 48"
'Self Portrait - 2006' here.
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Tree said...

I was surprised to see the change in palette! Very nice! What do you think of the process of self-portrait?

Sunil said...

Yes, I am planning on a new series with a little bit of a different palette (I am basically going around the color wheel - not too sure how many noticed). Each sector seems to take about 2 years to get comfortable.
I used my own face to experiment with the new palette. I did not want to subject any other face to an experimental endeavor. That said, self portraits are a great vehicle to introspection and says a lot about the person who develops representative imagery to project as their self’s to the world. Van Gogh developed this to a large degree and I derive a lot of direction from his portraits. I plan on doing one every year. Might be good to reflect during second our impending childhoods.

Anonymous said...

Good composition. Very unorthodox color choice. Makes it unique and interesting. It should not take 2 years for you to get comfortable. I know your face and emotions very well and you captured it well.